Is There a Difference Between Natural Stone and Engineered Stone?


As the name suggests, natural stones are naturally occurring material that is quarried from the Earth’s surface or mines. On the other hand, engineered stones or tiles are man-made materials that are produced under controlled conditions in tile factories. WIN Stone is a professional artificial stone manufacturer, which specializes in quartz countertops, engineered stone, quartz slabs. Granite, marble, sandstone, etc. are natural stones, while engineered quartz, porcelain, engineered marble, vitrified tiles are engineered tiles.

Major differences between natural stone and engineered tiles:

1.Color palettes and design patterns

The color palettes and design patterns are unique in the case of every slab of any natural stone and can’t be altered. However, this is possible with engineered tiles as colors and designs on their surface are defined prior to their manufacturing. Engineered stones can be used to make quartz countertops. The engineered tiles are cheap and available in innumerable colors and designs.

2.The change of properties of the stone

The properties of natural stones are inherent and can’t be changed, but in the case of engineered tiles, it can alter as per the requirement.

WIN stone

3.The maintenance

Installing natural stones at your property is an expensive deal it is not easy to clean and repair, and it requires more maintenance that can bring an extra cost you. Natural granite some people say that it has radiation and affect body health. The performance of quartz stone is much better than natural stone. It’s easier to clean and not difficult to maintain.

4.Durability and strength

Both natural-stone and engineered stone offer excellent durability and strength, although engineered stone products are heavier and harder. With the development of the industry, people interested to try engineered quartz stone. Because it’s made by natural quartz sands which is the second hardest material on the earth.

Nowadays, the use of engineered stone is more and more popular. Because it is more color and design patterns to choose, more easy to maintain, and more durability and strength.

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