Company Profile


Foshan Rongguan Glass Building For Material Co., Ltd.

Foshan Rongguan Glass Building Material Co., Ltd. is a large-scale decorative building glass material enterprise, mainly engaged in the production of glass mosaic, quartz stone, artificial stone (also known as engineered stone and compound stone) and Spanish tile. Its products have been sold to different places in China and exported to Russia, Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Central Africa, Italy, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The company is located at the private industrial area, Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan, covering an area of more than 300,000m2, with a production and construction area of nearly 200,000m2. The company has a technologically mature engineering technician team devoted to researches and constant innovations, thus making the technologies of the enterprise more and more mature. It has more than 10 production lines, configured with domestic first-class production equipment and can meet the professional production technology requirements. The company is devoted to improving the management level of the enterprise, further carrying out and passing ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.



“Rongguan” glass mosaics produced by the company are of good chemical stability, good adhesiveness, rich color, brilliant and elegant look, unique texture and durability, without color change and dust accumulation, and are applicable to the decoration of internal and external walls of the structures, such as buildings, hotels, offices, residential houses, workshops, villas and swimming pools. The products can be divided into ten series such as WITHDOT, NO DOT, IRIDIUM, ROY, MAGIC, GOLDSTAR, GOLDSILK, PURE GOLD, ANTI SLIP, IRREGULAR, with more than three hundred colors, and its annual productivity is up to 12 million m2.

The rich color of glass mosaic can exquisitely express the hierarchy of the colors, and high-grade glass material will create products with special texture. Through the introduction of computer design and other modern science and technology in Rongguan glass mosaics, the products are natural in color and look magnificent and elegant, with various kinds of characters, sceneries and other artistic patterns carefully and creatively carved by professional artists. Rongguan glass mosaics are suitable to be used for the decoration of internal and external walls of the structures, and are ideal decorative materials for walls and floors of various hotels, commercial buildings, stations, airports, subways, swimming pools and residential houses.


Quartz Stone

Rongguan quartz stone produced by the company is a super-hard environmentally friendly quartz stone panel manufactured by using the world advanced technological process. It contains up to 93% natural quartz stone, as well as resin, mineral pigment and other additives. The materials are selected carefully and form extremely compact composite through color modulation and high pressure under vacuum conditions, and then Rongguan quartz stone is produced through complicated slitting, air drying and surface polishing, leveling and thickness defining processes.

Rongguan quartz stone is a compact and nonporous composite material formed under vacuum conditions. It has very good anti-corrosion capacity and durability, and is easy to clean and always looks new. The quartz stone is highly resistant to heat. Melting point of natural quartz crystal can reach over 1300℃, and the quartz stone is completely flame retardant, with incomparable high temperature resistance capacity. Rongguan quartz stone is green and environmentally friendly, and has passed national non-toxic test and various national health standard certifications. It is applicable to: the large-scare decoration of hotels, commercial buildings, airports, stations, subways and other places, as well as cabinet countertop, test bench countertop, tub countertop, bar counter, writing desk, window sill, counter, etc.


Engineered Stone

Rongguan has introduced in advanced engineered stone production technology and critical equipment from foreign countries for the professional production of square “Rongguan” engineered stone. The content of the main raw material, fragmented natural marble, reaches over 92%, and thus the noble and elegant property of the natural stone is retained. Moreover, the engineered stone is bright and uniform in color, accurate in size, high in finish degree and is compression and wear resistant, with good air permeability and can be renovated for several times. It is an internationally popular green and environmentally friendly decorative material, with an annual productivity of more than 1.8 million m2. The products can be divided into 5 series, with a complete variety of styles and designs. The products conform to radiological protection standard for building materials after verified by the state authorities. Rongguan engineered stone is applicable to the large-scale decoration of the hotels, commercial buildings, airports, stations, subways and other places, and is also an ideal material for the household decoration and technological furniture manufacturing.

Rongguan will continue to pursue new products and better quality improvements to meet the demands of customers. By taking pride in satisfying the customers’ demands and winning market reputation, it will strive to create Rongguan Brand.