What color options are available for quartz countertops?


If you’ve decided to go with quartz countertops, there are lots of colors available for you to choose from. Today we offer 8 stunning countertop colors for your information.


White Marbled

One of the chicest choices of the bunch, white marble countertops are both refined and versatile. Whether you’re finishing off a modern, minimalistic kitchen or a more unpolished, farmhouse-styled space, they add a certain luxurious charm that everyone will appreciate.



A taupe topping is a great choice for our more traditional lovers. Pairing well with both white and black accented, those who thrive off warmer neutrals should give the artificial quartz slabs a second look. The sprinkling of dark details creates an interesting contrast as well.


Haze Blend

With a certain – and perfect – mix of femininity and contemporary tone, this is another versatile neutral to choose. Playing well with a large variety of interior design styles, the haze blend has a softer, more delicate approach to the overall kitchen.

quartz countertops



Are you looking for a quartz worktops option that’s a bit more monochromatic? This camel tone is great for the minimalist but also those with more traditional value and vision for the home.


Midnight Black

Midnight black is one of the most popular of kitchen artificial stone choices because of its versatility. But, it also sets the tone for something chicer, more unique as well as providing lively contrast to a lighter kitchen.



Add some artistic elements to the kitchen by choosing quartz kitchen countertops with a swirled design. Again, you get a variety of neutral tones that blend well with other colors and interior design genres. Whether it’s throughout the entire kitchen or used as a focal point at the center island like this setup, it’s a beautiful choice.


Traditional Cream

Creamy shades will work easily inside more traditional homes as well. Set off-white kitchens or dark, wooden cabinetry with something similar. And it’ll look nice complimented by rich tones such as cranberry or teal.


Black & White

Of course, black and white will always be a timeless, classic choice in every and any medium – including your engineered quartz. Because of its unpolished, splashed nature this would be a nice addition to a rustic vision but would also provide a stunning focus in a more minimalized kitchen. It’s also a good choice when combining neutrals as it plays off various shades so easily.


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